Adam Victor – Innovator in clean, reliable energy & robust terrorist proof infrastructure

This underground bunker was created by Adam Victor to bury critical infrastructure to make it terrorist proof, providing large cities peace of mind and overall security. This type of infrastructure is more critical than ever as cities grow more complex and susceptible to a crippling blackout.

Critical Infrastructure Needs for 21st Century Cities

TransGas Energy Systems, LLC spent a decade trying to develop a highly acclaimed Terrorist Proof underground Power Plant in Brooklyn NY that would supply 1100MW and 2 millions pounds per hour of clean reliable steam – displacing 2 million tons per year of Carbon Dioxide Emissions. ‎TransGas Energy Systems, work lead to Mr Victor becoming a preeminent expert in hardening New York’s electric infrastructure. To that end, James Woolsey, asked Mr Victor to prepare a presentation to government planners about the Vulnerability of New York’s infrastructure. In that 2006 Report, Mr Victor predicted a hurricane produced blackout – such as occurred in 2012 from Hurricane Sandy. The CBN network interviewed Mr. Victor only weeks before the Blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Mr Victor submitted plans for burying it’s power plant – which plans were later Classified by the US government. Chief among Mr Victor’s suggestion was the use of GIS sitchgear.

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Adam Victor has a vision to build terrorist proof infrastructure

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TransGas Energy Systems, LLC

TransGas and its affiliates have been pioneers in developing clean, reliable and efficient energy in the United States for over a quarter century.

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Adam Victor proposes “Sate of the art” high technology underground 1100MW power plant that is terrorist proof as well as cleaner and greener than older technologies and can protect the city against crippling blackouts that threaten the cities most basic operations in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

This plant was designed to supply New York City with enough electric and steam heat to continuously operate under the most extreme natural disasters or terrorist threats. It prevents Blackouts and keeps the electric and steam heat on, subways moving, critical pumping operations (sewer, water flood operations and gas stations) and communications alive and working no matter what the disaster.

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