Is the NYC infrastructure up to 21st century needs?

New York city is ticking time bomb ready to explode once the time runs out. Adam Victor is the visionary determine to beat the bomb before its too late. His vision not only is a smart one but its the way of the future. It could propel New York and all major cities into the future. The cities can not continue being sustained with out dated electrical grids that has the potential to cause huge danger. A black out is possible and has happen before so why is nothing being done to stop the cities from going off grid?

New York city grows by the numbers every day and its truly a miracle its still thriving under the conditions its in. Adam Victor’s Trans Gas solution is cost effective and will help any future black outs in any major cities. Keeping communication going but most importantly protecting our beautiful cities and maintaining their every day function.

Ticking Time Bomb: Weak Electric Grid Exposed NYC

In an interview with CBN news Mr. Adam Victor explains how the aging infrastructure of NYC could end up failing again during a natural disaster but that it could be prevented with an up-to-date infrastructure plan. After hurricane Sandy the city suffered blackouts and cost the city more than 25 Billion in clean up, repairs and other rebuilding costs. While it can be easy for city planners to site costs and other reasons for not updating the infrastructure the cost of future outages is incalculable when you add in the stress and added pressure put on the citizens during blackouts and other infrastructure failures

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