Adams Fork Energy – Mingo County

The Adams Fork Energy, LLC project is a $3 billion facility located on approximately 150 acres off the new King Coal Highway just west of Gilbert, West Virginia. The site was chosen for its central location within the Appalachian coal fields along with its access to water, rail and highways.

This plant is TransGas’ reference plant design and will produce nearly 1 billion gallons per year of gasoline and liquid fuels from approximately 7,500 tons of coal. The plant can utilize any grade of coal including coal otherwise deemed to be waste coal. The two TransGas plants in Kentucky will be duplicates to this reference plant design.

Plant access will be from the King Coal highway and US-52 with finished product transported via rail or pipeline.

The facility will employ 5,000 construction jobs and take 45 months to complete. Once operational, the plant will employ 300 people on a day-to-day basis. In addition support contractors and vendors may add 100 more jobs. Supplying coal to the plant will generate 240 more jobs. The project compliments to minerals extraction and timber economies of Appalachia by developing a new manufacturing base which will lead to greater employment opportunities.

TransGas is fully permitted was issued a permit by the State of West Virginia, Department of Environmental Protection, to both construct and operate this now shovel ready project, which is under construction.


Permit R13-2791
R13-2791 Appendix A
Response to Comments
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