With the NYC grid exposed due to outdated infrastructure, what could happen?

How vulnerable is New York city? How vulnerable is your city? Extremely, vulnerable. Meltdowns are a high probability that will cost billions of dollars for many reasons. The man power it would take to bring New York or any major city back up again would take days and this is something none of the cities can afford. Imagine if you will any major city off grid for months because its vulnerability? Its a scary thought which can and will be materialized into reality.

If you aren’t scared yet imagine a terrorist attack which takes over the subway system in your city. Putting millions at risk of an attack at any given point. This type of take over can cause the subway system to be out of commission for years. I know this a very scary thought but its also a very real scenario.

Adam Victor is working tirelessly to bring forth his plan to keep major cities safe and highly protected.  By putting his plan into action not only will your city save tremendous amount of money but its vulnerability would be close to none.

Reconstructing the Farragut Substation & Hudson Avenue Steam Plant – GIS

September 27th, 2017|0 Comments

Reconstructing the Farragut Substation and Hudson Avenue Steam Plant Infrastructure that would transform Brooklyn’s environmentally distressed industrial area into a cleaner, more enjoyable area for local residents and is also disaster [...]

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