Can Steam Help Save NYC During it’s Most Critical Time?

New York is at such a high risk of a huge catastrophe because its still using steam as its main source of power. How is it possible the metropolis of the world is still using technology from the old days? Why, isn’t there a plan in place to bring it up to date with a more environmentally conscious system that not only will help protect New York but it will also bring it into a more sustainable way of being. Is your city like New York running off outdated technology? Would you not like to bring your city into the future with advanced technology which will help in so many ways?

Adam Victor has that plan, the vision, and drive to make this happen. In our video below you will see a beautiful facility that brings New York into the future with ease. Keeping the island thriving and growing without no damage to the environment but actually helping the environment thrive in a more positive way. This facility can and will work in any major city bringing environmentally friendly technology which will help in all major ways.

TransGas Energy Systems Cogeneration Facility

TransGas Energy Systems’ proposed Cogeneration Facility will produce energy that is more efficient than the existing facilities in New York City.

This operation is estimated to bring an investment of over $1 billion of private sector funding to the East River waterfront. The plant will use natural gas to generate 1,100 megawatts of electricity and up to 2 million pounds per hour of steam.

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