Is the NYC infrastructure up to 21st century needs?

Adam Victor uncovers vulnerable infrastructure in NYC and as a result TransGas Development Systems developed a report for the Defense Science Board named Vulnerability of New York (VONY) to analyze and understand the susceptibility of energy and transportation infrastructure of New York City. The report enumerates potential risks affecting the city’s foundation and proposes alternatives to mitigate these risks.

Adam Victor proposes TGE and Synfuel Solution which would help fix energy in New York City. This Call to Action is a smart way of helping to keep such a large city from a full blown energy crisis when a natural disasters strike again. The evidence was seen and felt with Hurricane Sandy not so along. New York City is one of many cities that can not run the risk of being vulnerable again. Adam Victor has the solution for keeping the Big Apple strong.

New York City is not only loved by so many but its one of the most important cities in the United States. New York City is home to 8.2 million people making it one of the largest cities in the USA how can we not protect it. Adam Victor is here to do just that; we can not keep the Cultural, Financial, and Media Capital of the United States at risk any longer; or any major city from facing devastation. By working with Adam Victor cities will be protected and continue to thrive in this modern day world.

Adam Victor on the Blackout 2012

Adam Victor on the Blackout 2012 What impact does a city wide blackout have? Mr. Adam Victor takes a tour of New York City during the 2012 blackout.

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