International Gasification Projects by TransGas

Coal Gasification

TransGas uses proven Uhde PRENFLO® Coal Gasification technology. The PRENFLO® operation in Puertollano, Spain, is the world’s largest solid-fuel-based International Green Construction Code (IGCC) power plant. Adams Fork Energy located in Mingo County, West Virginia, will use this Coal Gasification technology to convert 7,500 tons of coal to 18,000 barrels of gasoline and 3000 barrels of LPG or propane, per day.

The Adams Fork Energy located in Mingo County, West Virginia plant is TransGas’ reference plant design and will produce nearly 1 billion gallons per year of gasoline and liquid fuels from approximately 7,500 tons of coal. The plant can utilize any grade of coal including coal otherwise deemed to be waste coal.